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Krinos Suites Hotel, located in the center of Batsi

The island of Andros is very close to Athens.

andros map - Krinos suites hotel

The island of Andros is very close to Athens. Access to the island is quick and easy from the port of Rafina, in the northeast of Athens.
Rafina is also situated very close to the Athens International airport. You can reach the port both from the Airport and the center of the city using taxis or the many bus routes available.

The journey from Rafina to the main port of Andros, Gavrio, is a two-hour trip by ferry. Gavrio is the first port of call for all vessels departing from the busy port of Rafina with Mykonos Island as their final destination.

Krinos Suites Hotel, located in the center of Batsi, is a ten-minute car ride from the port of Gavrio. There is a regular bus service between Gavrio and Batsi, its timetable usually adjusted to accommodate the travelers arriving by ferry.

Andros has everyday connections from/to Rafina. It is also well connected with other popular destinations (Tinos, Mykonos and Syros) and is an ideal place to start your exploration of the Cyclades (island hopping). Nearby islands include picturesque Tinos and glamorous Mykonos.

The exclusive marina for harboring sailing and speed boats in Andros is also located in Batsi.
Local transport is ensured by the island’s bus network (KTEL), with frequent service between the villages, while taxis are also available. If you want to rent a car or motorbike, you will find plenty of rental offices in Gavrio, Batsi and Chora.

  • Athens International Airport:
    T: (+30) 210-3530000
    Visit website
  • Rafina Port Authority:
    T: (+30) 22940 22300/28888,
    Visit website
  • Andros Port Authority:
    T: (+30) 22820 22250
  • KTEL (Andros Buses):
    T: (+30) 22820 22316
  • TAXI (Gavrio):
    T: (+30) 22820 71561
    T: (+30) 22820 71561
  • TAXI (Batsi):
    T: (+30) 22820 41081
  • KTEL (Athens Buses):
    T: (+30) 2108808080
    Visit website
  • Busses depart from: Mavromataion Street, Pedion Areos - Athens
  • Chapsias Travel
    (Kamares-Port of Rafina):

    T: (+30) 22940 29401/29402/29403
  • Rafina Travel
    (Kamares-Port of Rafina):

    T: (+30) 22940 29152/24327
  • Greek Sun

    T: (+30) 22820 41198 / 41771
  • Batis Agency (Gavrio-Andros):
    T: (+30) 22820 71489
    T: (+30) 22820 72477
    T: (+30) 22820 22257
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